• Huevos rancheros

    Today we are going to be making Huevos rancheros the Dude way.

    Today we are going to be making Huevos rancheros the Dude way.

    You will need Taco shell maker forms, cooking spray (or butter), tortillas, re-fried beans, salsa, eggs, shredded cheese, plus whatever else you want to put in it. In this demo I put some black beans inside.

    A note on tortillas: The taco sized tortillas are a little small and only go up the side if the shell make about half way. If you do then you will be limited to the amount of filling you can get into the Huevos rancheros. You could use burrito sized tortillas but they will extend over the top of the make. Just cut off the extra, if not the extra will over cook and possibly burn.


    Start the grill with a 2 zone configuration, and get the temperature to about 400 degrees. For my Weber charcoal grill I open the bottom vents about 1/3 of the way and it usually groves about 400 degrees (give or take 15 degrees).

    While you are waiting for the grill to heat up, wrap some tortillas in aluminum foil and place them on the “cool” side of the grill to warm them up. Warming them will make them pliable so you can get them to conform to the shape of the taco shell maker. You do not want them to crack and leak in the shell form. It makes them harder to get out.

    To begin your assembly have everything at hand.


    Spray, or butter, your shell form liberally and place warmed tortilla into the form. Pressing to the shape of the form.


    Put some re-fried beans in the bottom and spread it around. Get some up the sides. This helps make a seal if you cracked the tortilla putting it on the form. It may not be a perfect seal but it helps.

    In this instance I put some black beans in the bottom on top of the re-fried beans.


    Dollop some salsa on top of the beans. Then carefully crack an egg on top of the beans and salsa.


    Place the filled shell maker on the cool side of the grill and cover. Check them in about 3 to 4 minutes. Depending on your grill heat the whites should be starting to set up. If not don’t worry. Turn them 180 degrees and close the cover for about another 2 minutes. At this point the whited should be pretty well set. Add the shredded cheese to the top of the egg and close to melt the cheese (about a minute or two).


    Remove from grill and let cool a few minutes. Carefully remove the Huevos from the shell maker and serve.


    NOTE: You can add whatever you want to the huevoes. Such as diced onions, chopped jalapenos, cilantro, etc. The choice of types of cheese is your favorite. I usually use a 4 cheese Mexican blend but I’ve made them with Sharpe cheddar cheese also.

  • Zones of Charcoal Fire Cooking

    When you grill you will use a single, two or three zone fire.  Setting the proper zone is easy and with a little practice you can master the grill. Most of the time you will need to use the single or two zone fire.

    The single zone fire is when you light your charcoal and spread it evenly over the bottom of your grill.

    A two zone fire is when you spread your charcoal over 1/2 the bottom of your grill. Making a hot and cool zone.

    A three zone fire is when you spread most of your lit charcoal on one side, then you spread a smaller layer of charcoal and then leave an empty spot (no charcoal). The three zone fire is used mainly on big grills.

    The following is a video by Weber Grills showing how to start your charcoal and build a two zone fire.